Helping people to understand complex data in engaging ways

Data Engineering

Establishing the foundation for data analysis by working on data collection and construction of data pipelines.

Data Analytics

Examining and analyzing data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information, using specialized systems and software.

Data Visualization

Creating a useful, visually appealing and never misleading graphical representation of information and data.


Some of the tools, operating systems and databases I use for data engineering, data mining, data analysis and creating aesthetic and interactive visualizations

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    About Me

    Hi, I’m André Felix Mietschink! I am a Data Analyst, IT Manager, Developer or, rather, an “All-rounder”, who is curious and passionate about Data Science and interested in discovering new and effective ways of telling stories with data.

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    If you’re interested in any of my skills, need consulting or just curious about what else I could do for you, then please contact me.

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