About Me

Hi, I’m André Felix Mietschink! I am a Data Analyst, IT Manager, Developer or, rather, an “All-rounder”, who is curious and passionate about Data Science and interested in discovering new and effective ways of telling stories with data.

I graduated from Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo in Brazil, where I studied Mathematics. For the past 20+ years, I covered a wide range of activities and roles in several countries with multi-cultural teams, where I acquired a broad and diverse set of skills.

In recent years, I have worked in IT service management leading and managing teams with a participative and coaching style. Working side by side with several system analysts, PMs, software architects and stakeholders in multiple automated distribution centres, I dealt with complex systems and data on a daily basis. Extracting data, analyzing data, and creating meaningful reports and dashboard were frequent tasks I performed for several customers, providing important insights to improve clarity, optimize business and facilitate better decision making.

For me, Data Science is an exciting field, as it brings together statistics, data analysis, programming and all related strategies to understand, analyze and present our world of data.


In my blog, you will find some technical information, scripts, ideas and suggestions mainly focused on data science that I learned and used during my work or specialization studies. Some blog posts will address a very simple topic and others more complex, but you will definitely find a well detailed post for everyone to understand (from beginner to advanced). The main purpose of the blog is to give back to the community the knowledge I acquired, as I learned a lot from what others shared. My main reasons for can be found in my first post.

Here you will find following topics:

  • Data Visualization
    • D3
    • Excel
    • Power BI
    • SSRS
    • Tableau
  • Databases
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • SQL Server
  • ETL
    • SSIS
    • Talend
  • Programming
    • Delphi/Pascal
    • Python
    • R
  • OS
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • Miscellaneous

Now go and check out my blog, as there should be some useful information for you.


I’m always pleased to chat not only about data science, but also about IT service management, business process improvements, warehouse automation and other related topics. If you’re interested in any of my skills, need consulting or just curious about what else I could do for you, then please use the contact form, or drop me a line on LinkedIn.